Help decide the UI for showing untagged messages in the Quick Filter

Chris Ilias tb-planning at
Thu Sep 15 00:08:02 UTC 2016

Do you use this same filter on a regular basis?
Do you manually set the criteria every time?

If yes to both, I think you're using the Quick Filter bar for something 
it shouldn't be used for. The Custom Views feature is intended for your 
use-case, or a saved search folder.

On 2016-09-13 9:42 PM, R Kent James wrote:
> Generically, I have an inbox where I want to tag messages that need some
> further action. I want to view messages that are still unclassified
> (that is have no tags) and the quickest way to do that is with a Quick
> Filter bar that has the option of showing untagged messages.
> There are more complex variation of this that also benefit from more
> complex variations that are easily doable with the modified Quick Filter
> Tag bar as originally proposed (Like, I want to see Critical, Important,
> and Untagged messages but not Later, Waiting, and Followup).
> :rkent
> On 9/13/2016 5:38 PM, Chris Ilias wrote:
>> On 2016-09-13 2:55 PM, R Kent James wrote:
>>> Being able to show untagged messages along with easily controlled
>>> subsets of tagged messages is critical to the workflow I am trying to
>>> use, where "untagged" messages have a particular priority and
>>> corresponding visibility that is intermediate between certain tagged
>>> types.
>> Could you provide an example? I don't understand your use-case.
>> I rarely use the quick filter bar, and when I do, it's to do a _quick_
>> search - one-off instances of usually one or two criteria.

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