Flags for TB 52 release

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Mon Oct 24 17:30:53 UTC 2016

As we prepare for the TB 52 release, let's be clear what the tracking
flags mean.

tracking-thunderbird52+ should be for bugs that we either need or hope
to get into the official Thunderbird 52 release. Anything that
definitely needs looking at prior to the official release should be
flagged there. As part of the Thunderbird 52 release we will review
these bugs, and prior to the release developers will push on these bugs.
Jörg is the manager of code for TB 52 at least through the initial beta
phases of TB 52, using that flag. Setting tracking-thunderbird52+ does
not necessarily mean we will block release on that bug, but we will
certainly review it prior to release.

At some point, we will introduce the tracking-thunderbird_esr52 flag,
which will be used for the actual Thunderbird 52 release, as well as
point releases. It is not yet clear who will be the code manager for
that phase, it might be me (rkent) or it might be Jörg. That flag will
also have the additional states (like 53+) that will allow us to track
which bugs get applied to which point release.

For tb45, we stopped using tracking-thunderbird45 after release, just
using tracking-thunderbird-esr45. I suggest for 52 we instead continue
to use tracking-thunderbird52 for bugs that we are still hoping to push
into the official release, and reserve tracking-thunderbird-esr52+ for
bugs that should block the next point release.


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