Summary of issues for new legal home for Thunderbird

Óvári ovari21 at
Mon Oct 3 04:42:59 UTC 2016

Thank you :rkent for the summary regarding Thunderbird's future.

Based upon Simon Phipps' recommendations, it seems that Thunderbird's 
future organization home would best be under the umbrella of The 
Document Foundation (TDF)

Initially, Thunderbird could be listed as a separate 
project/entity/software on TDF’s website, i.e.
LibreOffice, The Document Foundation
etc (A .org extension seems best)
The Document Liberation Project

Ideas for the integration of Thunderbird with LibreOffice

It would be appreciated if you would advise:
1. When the "quiet period" would likely happen; and
2. How long the "quiet period" would last for.

Thank you

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