Summary of issues for new legal home for Thunderbird

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Oct 3 08:23:16 UTC 2016

Hi Kent,

Thank you for this summary.

On 03/10/16 00:22, R Kent James wrote:
> 1)    Does Thunderbird believe that the long-term best home is likely to
> be an independent organization (typically but not necessarily a
> Foundation), or are we better off allied with others legally and culturally?

I don't think this is a question which can be answered in the abstract.
It depends on how close the cultural fit is with the organization in
question and, if the fit is not perfect, how much flex there is, and in
the inflexible areas, whether people are willing to tolerate a change.
Particularly given that six months have now gone by, I would advise
against spending time considering this theoretical question, and instead
spend time comparing the actual concrete options available to you, in
the understanding that no option is a panacea.

I think that both TDF and SFC are good enough options that there is no
case to go back to Mozilla and say "we can't find anything that works".
Therefore, you should look at the specific pros and cons of TDF and say
"is this, as a package, better than being basically independent but with
someone else handling the charity admin (i.e. SFC)?". That is the
question before you.


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