Thunderbird vContacts -- Move to a modern Addressbook

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Tue Nov 29 17:20:47 UTC 2016

Interested to overcome the issues of the TB/Addressbook?

University of Wellington, New Zealand a project was started with that 
idea in mind, it was aimed to build a modern addressbook based on 
industry standards, using modern technologies and to replace the current 
data store (mork).

Naturally it wasn't possible to complete such a big project, but the 
project team of six young students made a great progress and delivered a 
good base for further development.

Many thanks goes the VUW project team -- Hannah Craighead, Ellie Coyle, 
Miguel Orevillo, David Barnett, Andrew Daly, Joely Huang and their 
lecturer  James Quilty,
Philipp Kewisch -- known as Fallen, supporter and author of iCal.js [4]
Mike Conley -- he initialized sometimes ago a project called 'Ensemble' 
and mentored the project, see [5]

Call for Help!

A modern Addressbook needs more than what have been achieved so far. For 
a refactoring of the VUW project -- the vContacts extension --  find 
some links below.

The current project/extension has many weak points and is in an very 
early state -- that state and the next necessary steps are described in 
detail with the hope to get constructive feedback and helping hands.

Guenter Wahl

Project Links

[1]  vContacts -- the GIT project:

[2]  vContacts.xpi -- Download the latest TB extension from the 
following link and install to your Thunderbird profile:

[3]  Current status and open points/next steps:

[4]  Fallen iCal.js:

[5]  Mike Conley:

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