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On 11/19/2016 4:49 PM, Philipp Kewisch <mozilla at> wrote:
> Imagine for once that we had infinite manpower and could make any
> changes, what do you like most about the mockup?

Ok, I'll bite.

I don't have strong feelings about most of it specifically, but here goes.

First, I don't like the 'picture' icons, so would remove them right away.

Second, Vertical View is nothing new, and still needs multi-line support
in the thread pane (which is apparently hard or impossible to do in
HTML, although a promising (but buggy) Addon was created fairly quickly,
but then went nowhere).

I see some potential in the Today Pane changes, but would add (##)
designators next to each 'upcoming' section (Today, Tomorrow,
Upcoming...) showing how many items there are for each (similar to how
you see message counts in the Folder pane).

So, it appears to be mainly just minor skinning and integrating the
'Conversations' Addon (which I don't like), with the exception of the
Calendar/Lightning (Today Pane) changes.

If that is so, I'll repeat what I said earlier.

Why not just focus on making it easier to create Themes? If there are
underlying technical reasons that anything in this mockup cannot be done
by a theme today, then identify those kinds of blockers, and work on them.

This way, everyone can potentially scratch their own personal itch and
customize the UI exactly the way they like.

Some of these comments seem to suggest that it is possible to come up
with a single set of UI changes that will please everyone.

I'm here to tell you that this is simply impossible.

So with this in mind, again, the only thing that makes sense to me is to
simply make changes to the underlying code that make it easier for Theme
creators to do their thing.

Also, I don't know if this is even currently possible in Lightning. Is
Lightning 'themable'?
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