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On 11/20/2016 3:45 PM, Dave Koelmeyer
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> On 20/11/16 10:49, Philipp Kewisch wrote:
>> Imagine for once that we had infinite manpower and could make any
>> changes, what do you like most about the mockup?
> I quite like the whole thing, actually. If anything this mockup throws
> into stark relief just how crufty and superficially off-putting the
> existing UI is.

This is really just your opinion, Dave. I really dislike it when people
try to speak for me/others, so please just stop it.

I, and many others I know, think the UI is just fine.

That said, I do heavily customize it from the default - but that is the
beauty of Mozilla products and *why* I prefer both Firefox and Thunderbird.

Also - if you really feel this way, then you should be pushing for
modernization of the internals to allow for themes to change the UI in a
more comprehensive way (like the way Classic Theme Restorer does for
Firefox), this way each of us could have our cake, and eat it too.

I have personally been very uncomfortable with the discussion regarding
the deprecation of XUL and XPCOM, specifically with respect to certain
Addon devs (Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox mainly) concerns about
even being able to do what they are currently doing with the new model.

If I lose the ability to modify Thunderbird/Firefox to *my* liking
because of the loss of XUL/XPCOM, I will wait a certain amount of time
to see if the Addon Devs can work things out, and if not, will have to
see what else is out there (my biggest fear being there are no real
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