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On 11/18/2016 8:42 PM, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:
> I think you can see from the responses that there never seems to be any
> way to come to a common ground in user interface changes. I'll long
> since given up trying to propose changes, as inevitably what I propose
> gets shot down. I suspect that others have given up as well. I am also
> guilty of being the shooter in many cases, after all we all have opinions.
> The only answer that I think we have agreed with is to pick someone who
> has a clear vision of a unified design to be the user interface czar,
> and just do what they want.

The only answer? What may I ask is wrong with my proposal to simply
improve the underlying code to allow better access for Themes to be able
to change the UI?

In what way is this not a much better solution than a 'UI Czar' who, as
you clearly outlined, will inevitably upset a large number of people?

Better Theme support totally eliminates said controversy.
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