Sample Thunderbird UI redesign

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Sun Nov 20 16:33:21 UTC 2016

20.11.2016 u 13:47, Philipp Kewisch je napisao/la:
> Sarcasm is not putting things positive. I've tried to state this in
> multiple ways and it doesn't seem to resonate. I would like to find some
> encouragement for Monterail to continue to contribute. With some minor
> changes our UI has been the way it is for ages. Not moving forward is
> not an option. It is clear that the design should not be implemented
> 1:1, a full redesign is surely not the goal, and that some user research
> would be helpful. I think this is also clear to Monterail, but putting
> ideas out in the open that go a bit over the top are the only way to
> spark discussion and make progress.
> The open source process should be inclusive, and should encourage new
> contributors to participate. Not discourage them by focusing on the
> negative aspects. I think it would be positive to work together with the
> designers and developers wanting to make improvements, even if the end
> result is not the same as what they start out with. This will be my last
> email to justify my intent, I am happy to reply to anything positive
> coming out of this.
> Philipp
TB needs to move slowly forward and try new things. Radical UI changes 
are bad thing, but slow changes and experimenting should be encouraged.

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