Sample Thunderbird UI redesign

Richard Marti richard.marti at
Sun Nov 20 12:10:31 UTC 2016

On 20.11.2016 12:34, Jörg Knobloch wrote:

> The folder pane now has a dark background. Oh boy! It wastes a lot of
> space and shows two Gmail accounts.

I like the color of the folder pane and titlebar. But yes, not this much
of white space.

> Next they are using the "Vertical View". Nothing new about that. The
> icons look nice, but they waste a lot of space.

That's the big issue of "Vertical View". We have no multiline treerows.
> As they said in their own words: "Whole work was focused on adding some
> white space, inserting new typography an equalizing colors".

But equalizing colors shouldn't mean reduce contrast as you can see on
the main toolbar with the grey icons/text.
> I'll tell you what makes my live with Thunderbird easier: Some additions
> to userChrome.css. In the folder/thread pane I have white and grey rows
> alternating and I use more distinct colours for the selected row and the
> drop target. That's functionality that helps me every minute. Right now.
> No "redesign" necessary. See below.

That's the great advantage of TB. You can easily change the appearance
with some CSS code. :)


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