Sample Thunderbird UI redesign

ISHIKAWA,chiaki ishikawa at
Sat Nov 19 15:46:36 UTC 2016

On 2016/11/20 0:21, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> Thunderbird should evaluate what users want and right now TB doesn't
> have an effective way to analyze user feedback like Firefox does.
> Firefox has an entire user advocacy team that analyzes data from input
> and other sources and regularly does reports and watches for trends. It
> also looks at ADI trends along the feedback.
> This shouldn't be a little listening to other devs shooting stuff down
> but instead listening to your users.
> You also don't to things like heartbeat surveys which Firefox does.
> Serve the users not your own wants and desires.
> If new UI wasn't important to users then Postbox would be out of
> business. The reality is there are Mozillians who have switched from TB
> to Postbox including Mozilla employees.

The above sounds attractive but there is manpower issue, and until that 
issue is solved nothing like the above can be seriously done.

I think the point rkent and jorgk made is that as of now
there is no manpower to take care of this additional workload.

That is the status quo of TB.
And as jorgk noted that just staying afloat (being able to compile and 
build binary) takes much of contributors' time: not much can be done 
additionally. So the three additional hands (two of them are technically 
involved with being afloat on a possibly new build infra) would be a 
great addition.

Seriously, the kind of UI change probably entails the rewrite of toolkit 
library. To me, that sounds like pipe dream. This only shows that many 
people are UNAWARE of the plight of TB as of today.

rkent and jorgk may want to make this point LOUD and CLEAR  so that more 
people understand the current sad state of the bottom line of TB 
"development" or just trying to be afloat. The build efforts alone suck 
a lot of man-power and not much is left for other niceties.
I am not kidding. I hope rkent and jorgk can add perspective from the 
view point of TB council.

I think if there were no build issue problems, maybe serious bugs would 
have been fixed a lot faster.

Just my 2 cent worth.

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