Thunderbird 45.1.0 - Why Can't I Use Color Now?

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> Subject: Thunderbird 45.1.0 - Why Can't I Use Color Now?
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> Hi guys,
> First, just want to say I think you guys are the greatest! I am only a 
> low-tech, loyal Thunderbird user who is following your communications 
> and rooting for you.  I so appreciate your dedication to keeping 
> Thunderbird alive and well.
> Secondly, Help!  Recently, my son gave me a new computer and set 
> everything up for me including downloading the latest version of TB.  In 
> composing a message, I realized I can no longer change the color of my 
> fonts.  What happened!?
> Thanks much,
> Karen Spencer

I too am using Thunderbird 45.1.0.  I just checked and I find text color
choices under Format > Text Color.  (The cursor must be in the body of
the message.)

If you compose without using HTML, you won't see any Format menu at
all.  In that case, to begin composing your email using HTML you can
click *Shift + Write* (Message) to toggle your Account Setting from
plain to HTML.  If you wish to make HTML your default Account Setting,
click *Tools > Account Settings > Composition and Addressing [for the
account of interest] > check the checkbox entitled 'Compose messages in
HTML format*'.

Neil Donovan
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