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I just give 10€ from and I got a
confirmation message which seems to indicated I have donated to Mozilla
Firefox, not Thunderbird:

> *Merci énormément pour votre don à Mozilla. Grâce à cette contribution
> financière, nous poursuivrons notre mission visant à créer et protéger un
> Web ouvert.*
> *Nous pensons qu'Internet est bien plus qu'une technologie ; il s'agit
> d'une ressource publique.*
> *Merci encore pour tout ce que vous faites pour Mozilla. Ensemble, nous
> ferons en sorte que le Web reste ouvert, accessible, transparent et sûr.*
> *Mark Surman Directeur exécutif Mozilla Foundation*
Also, I do not see any mailchimp suscribe form at the end of the process.

Maybe this is because I use a french link instead of the en-us link?

2016-05-17 0:00 GMT+02:00 R Kent James <kent at>:

> On 5/16/2016 1:10 PM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> > First, I think it is great that this is happening, and while I
> > understand that what I'm about to say it much easier said than done...
> >
> > If users actually had positive feedback that their donations were
> > actually being used to make Thunderbird better, I think that donations
> > would grow consistently over time, first through repeat donations, but
> > also from others who maybe took a wait and see attitude.
> >
> > Transparency in the accounting process will accomplish this to a great
> > degree, but another way that is maybe even more a 'feel good' way, would
> > be if a way were provided to allow for 'directed donations' - meaning,
> > donations, but that were directed to be used to implement a certain
> > bug/feature. These could be incorporated in the Bug Tracker, allowing
> > people to donate directly from there.
> >
> > Of course, for these, it would have to be understood that your money
> > goes into a special account, and if the linked bug/feature is still open
> > after a given amount of time (say, a year), then your money goes into
> > the general fund - otherwise, it counts against the bug/feature.
> >
> > So, these donations are made knowing that they might not go toward the
> > purpose you wanted, but at least you could try.
> >
> > It would be a much more meaningful way to 'vote' too, and this way
> > people could actually brag about having helped pay to implement feature
> > X or fix bug Y...
> There has been a lot of discussion in the past about this. The issue
> generally is that typically money is needed mostly for overhead
> activities such as build engineering, QA, hosting costs, etc, that users
> do not fully appreciate. The challenge is to present the opportunity to
> give in a way that motivates users, without creating the impression that
> their money is actually going to be given toward something specific that
> they can know and understand.
> Part of my answer to the issue that you have raised though is to create
> a mailing list that we will use to collect feedback from donors.
> Subscribing to this mailing list is offered at the end of the donation
> process. Long-term my hope is that we can engage with donors there, and
> give them the chance to provide feedback, and seriously listen to that
> feedback. I still have dreams of having a strong Thunderbird users group
> (Thundernest) that would have a major role in determining the future of
> Thunderbird, and funding it.
> At this point in time though, I am much more interested in concrete
> offers to help with specific aspects of the donation process than I am
> suggestions on how to proceed. The specifics of what we do are not
> nearly as important as actually doing something. Thanks Magnus and Jorg
> for working on the donation link issues in Thunderbird directly, now we
> really need help with the start page redesign in Django on Bedrock.
> :rkent
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