Donation -- how to tell

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Mon May 16 18:42:21 UTC 2016

16.05.2016 u 19:51, R Kent James je napisao/la:
> Right, and the balance that I would strive for, following mostly from
> observing TDF and Wikipedia, is this:
> 1)    Most of the time, donations links should be easy to find but
> non-intrusive. Our current links are fine for this, now we are trying to
> locate them and convert them to the new link provided by MoFo.
> 2)    (Following TDF who in turn followed others): the download page is
> one location where users are focused on the app, have a minute of spare
> time, and can be asked effectively for a donation. I would not
> artificially increase the need for accessing this page by forcing people
> to use a webpage for updates, for example.
> 3)    (Following Wikipedia): Periodically, probably once per year, we
> need to do an intrusive but limited outreach to existing users for
> donations.
I would like to add:

4) What's new page inside TB on every major upgrade with highly visible 
donate ads.


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