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Mon May 16 18:11:23 UTC 2016

On 5/15/2016 6:36 AM, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
> I'm TB localizer, can I can help somehow in non-coding way?
> Mihovil

I assume you are specifically asking about the donation process. (In
general, there is a need for someone to interact with the localization
community as a whole over the entire Thunderbird project).

I was please to see yesterday that MoFo has undertaken the translation
of the Thunderbird donation pages (see for example and But there is a piece
that we need to work on still.

As part of the donation flow, people who make a donation are sent to a
Mailchimp page to subscribe to a mailing list to allow us to interact
with donors. The intention here is that people who donate should have
the opportunity to interact with the project in the future, to help
establish priorities and such. So we need a way to communicate with
them, and a MailChimp list was decided as a simple way of doing this.

People are directed to the URL for signup to this list at the end of the
donate process,  When they do that, they are
shown some text that tells them briefly about the list they are being
asked to subscribe to.

Here then is the project: Figure out how to get that text localized. The
signup form is something that we design, and it supposedly has
localization features. One feature is "automatically translate" but as
far as I can tell that is not working. It is also possible to specify

No, I do not know how all of this is supposed to work, and figuring that
out is the essence of the project. That, and once it is understood,
figure out how to interact with the Thunderbird localization community
to get it translated. You could start by creating a (free) Mailchimp
account, and work to understand their design tools for list signup. They
are designed to be easy to use (which makes them baffling to a coder) so
this is a "non-coding" project.

It would be great if someone took this on, Mihovil is you want but
others could also consider this.


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