Donation -- how to tell - Details

neandr neandr at
Mon May 16 14:36:50 UTC 2016

A misunderstanding here: I don't promote to have an option to disable 
the donation icon or the menu items.
And placing the donation icon on the Main Tab bar (as the Lightning 
icons) has the advantage that bar can't be disabled. Also I think you 
can't remove it, at least I'm not able to remove the Lightning icons, so 
the Donation icon could be also permanent.

On 16.05.2016 16:24, Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) wrote:
> If you are intend this to also cover menu items - menu items don't 
> impact user workflow, are not an intrusion and adding a "No" 
> capability would add unnecessary code complexity. So I disagree with 
> the suggestion to provide a disable capability - with one exception: 
> if a  mail toolbar button is provided it is by definition removable

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