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Mon May 16 14:35:58 UTC 2016

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> Dátum: 16.05.2016 16:24
> Predmet: Re: Donation -- how to tell - Details

>> Also important: A method to unable the Donation links/pages? A clear:
>> NO! To repeat getting money is a question of not /Dying virtuously! /
>If you are intend this to also cover menu items - menu items don't 
>impact user workflow, are not an intrusion and adding a "No" capability 
>would add unnecessary code complexity. So I disagree with the suggestion 
>to provide a disable capability - with one exception: if a  mail toolbar 
>button is provided it is by definition removable

I think neander missed some word in the sentence, but I understood he meant "there should be NO method to disable Donation pages". So the same you are saying.

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