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Mon May 16 14:11:24 UTC 2016

Thanks James for the feedback.

Maybe it's my misunderstanding about your words, but wording with 'flak' 
etc makes me nervous. I said "should *not* be shy" which isn't saying be 

And yes, we have to find methods to make the "normal" users -- not you 
and me .. the tech oriented users, but users which do minimal changes to 
the initial Thunderbird layout  -- aware of the need to donate for 

I agree with Klaus
> /Behind a submenu item of a disabled menu? That's a waste of time. /

.. also agree with your argument
> /interrupting //someone's workflow depending on the design/

Finally we need good reminders for *all* users -- always visible, not 
aggressive, non destructive, not interrupting the workflow. And yes we 
will have *always* complains with the one or the other method.

So with some more courage here is my suggestion:

    1.  Place a Thunderbird Donation logo on the Mail Tab bar as we have
    the Lightning icons:

    	/Here the TB icon needs to be replaced by a TB/Donation icon.

    Tooltiptext is a must
    (Thanks to Mark pointing to this)

    2.  Add Donation menu items at places  like Hamburger, Menu Bar -->
    Tools, etc  .. also it maybe hidden with normal use

    3. With *any* TB update open a TB Tab to show a complete Donation
    Page, *not only* the Start Page. That's because the Start page could
    be set to show only a few lines. That Donation page should link also
    to "What's New".

    4.  On Thunderbird web pages (e.g. What's New, Help Topics, Notes, )
    add a Donation note with one or two sentences about it and link to
    the Donation page (maybe the same content as above, but shown as a
    new tab on the browser)

Also important: A method to unable the Donation links/pages? A clear: 
NO! To repeat getting money is a question of not /Dying virtuously! /

And yes, we will get complains from users about this .. that's *always* 
the case .. they need to understand!

Hope the council makes a clear decision, soon!


On 16.05.2016 07:39, R Kent James wrote:
> On 5/15/2016 9:06 AM, neandr wrote:
>> And -- not /Dying virtuously --/ I would place the donation reminder 
>> at *all* those places.
> Anyone who thinks about it agrees with you. Yet I still warn people 
> that we will get flak for aggressive donations campaigns, because it 
> will be much easier to deal with the flak and remain proud of our work 
> when it is anticipated.
> Non-intrusive donation links at selected locations are not going to 
> generate flak. It is when the donation campaign is more aggressive, 
> potentially even interrupting someone's workflow depending on the 
> design, that the real complaints will begin. In an ideal world we 
> would never need to do that, but in an ideal world we would have 
> figured out ways to fund ourselves that do not intrude.
> Firefox is a rare exception of being able to self-fund indirectly 
> through the very lucrative search business without seeming to intrude. 
> I have no brilliant ideas on a similarly lucrative scheme that will 
> work with Thunderbird, not does anyone else that I know of.
> Thanks for supporting the still-future intrusive fundraising campaign!
> :rkent
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