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R Kent James kent at
Mon May 16 05:39:56 UTC 2016

On 5/15/2016 9:06 AM, neandr wrote:
> And -- not /Dying virtuously --/ I would place the donation reminder
> at *all* those places.

Anyone who thinks about it agrees with you. Yet I still warn people that
we will get flak for aggressive donations campaigns, because it will be
much easier to deal with the flak and remain proud of our work when it
is anticipated.

Non-intrusive donation links at selected locations are not going to
generate flak. It is when the donation campaign is more aggressive,
potentially even interrupting someone's workflow depending on the
design, that the real complaints will begin. In an ideal world we would
never need to do that, but in an ideal world we would have figured out
ways to fund ourselves that do not intrude.

Firefox is a rare exception of being able to self-fund indirectly
through the very lucrative search business without seeming to intrude. I
have no brilliant ideas on a similarly lucrative scheme that will work
with Thunderbird, not does anyone else that I know of.

Thanks for supporting the still-future intrusive fundraising campaign!

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