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Sun May 15 16:06:35 UTC 2016

Thunderbird needs money  - no question, if donation is the right/most 
important way for that, the project should *not* be shy to tell the 
users about it!

Following the discussions on tb-planning there are some/too many 
comments speaking about negative impacts for the users. This reminds me 
to the German words: "In Schönheit sterben".
There is translation on a PriceWaterhouse document 

    /Dying virtuously is not a serious option for any company!
            Page 12 - Dr Rolf Hartl is the managing director of Swiss
    Oil (EV).

We want to live (/not to die/)  --  so some more courage is needed!

 From my perspective seeing how users work with Thunderbird -- how they 
configure it -- placing the donation request on the start page isn't enough.
To be clear:/The "Start Page"  is launched as a predefined page in the 
Message Pane -- *only* /-- and displayed only in rare situations./

Summing up the possibilities to place "reminders" for a donation:

  * open a tab or show the TB startpage with ..
      o the "Hamburger"
      o Statusbar -- only visible if enabled
      o Main Menu -- only visible with F10
  * open a web page with updating
      o currently there is no such page after updating -- afaik
  * more ???

And -- not /Dying virtuously --/ I would place the donation reminder at 
*all* those places.


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