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Sat May 14 23:37:57 UTC 2016

The cost of bank transfers done directly to Mozilla would be more than
the average value of donations. For my addon, bank transfers are
frequently done (using payment provider Fastspring), even for small
amounts, but they go through some central processor Global Collect, and
they are a never ending source of headaches. They take at least a week,
a significant fraction have issues because of incorrect setup (they need
an order-specific intermediate number), and the support costs of tracing
problems is high. Fastspring is very good to work with on this, but
overall they really are not worth the effort for small amounts of money,
which donations tend to be.

It's great to be thinking about these details, but let's be clear of the
issues here: although Mozilla has taken the first step toward allowing
donations, we have not yet been able to follow through with the needed
web work to promote these donations at the points where they will be
seen by our users. We really need one or more people to actively engage
with this. I've tried asking a few people quietly, but I have not seen
any progress. THIS IS THE CURRENT CRITICAL ISSUE. At least two places
are needed:

1)    On our start page

2)    On the download page.

These hit millions of users, many orders of magnitude higher than any
attempts to announce through social media channels.

Eventually, we need to do:

3)    A wikimedia-style donations campaign for a short period of time
from our product start page. This will be annoying, and expect
criticism. But without subsidy from Mozilla, we are not going to survive
without major sources of income.

Kent James

On 5/14/2016 2:41 PM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 14/05/2016 23:11, ace wrote:
>>> As per I assume there are more
>>> ways to give. Per it says " such as by
>>> check, Bitcoin, or bank transfer". Surely it is not as comfortable as
>>> paypal, but then again, it is also not paypal :-)
>> But those methods may not land the donation on the Thunderbird account.
>> That seems to be a generic Mozilla page.
> Indeed.
> And the bank transfer needs to be negotiated with
> accounting at Not very convenient for Germans and who knows
> whether funds can be directed to TB this way.
> Jörg K.
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