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>>     *Subject:*Re: Thunderbird version 45.1.0 available
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>>     Hi there,
>>     	I guess I'm Michael Meeks - I should have introduced myself without
>>     just lurking, but I'm rooting for Thunderbird quietly and have quite
>>     spent some time working on LibreOffice with TDF; but enough of me:
>>     On Thu, 2016-05-12 at 17:29 +0200, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
>>     >> Wait, this will be 100% Thunderbird funds?
>>     > >  Can you add big/visible donate link/button to
>>     > >  ?
>>     >
>>     > More links are coming. We're planning one on the download page as
>>     > well.
>>     >
>>     	From TDF's experience (in turn based on VLC's) - a rather useful time
>>     to encourage people to donate is during the download.
>     does this include the download of an update? :-)
> For a while my Thunderbird add-on would open a Firefox tab on upgrade, showing the 
> release notes with a donation button on the bottom and it helped getting money, but 
> people were also complaining about it. Instead of changing it to open a Thunderbird 
> tab, which would be less intrusive, I decided to remove that part of the code 
> altogether, which caused donations to drop to nearly zero.
> I think that if people had to go to a website to install updates, it would be easier 
> to get donations, but the way installation of updates of Thunderbird itself and 
> updates of Thunderbird and it's add-ons are done, it is hard to make people aware 
> they can donate…
> Onno

from my own experience I always add "Donation" tabs (in Thunderbird) when my Addons 
update with significant changes (not on maintenance releases); I also add instructions 
on how to remove the tab (usually by right-clicking the Donate button in my Addon's 
options dialogs) for those annoyed by it. When people click the "donate" link on the 
tab, it opens in a browser  - because people usually have their passwords stored 
there. I also usually add a tab for version history.



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