Help decide the UI for the Correspondents columns

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri May 13 20:50:58 UTC 2016

Jim wrote on 30.04.2016 21:09:
> Option 1 (left/right): 14 (50%)
> Option 3 (up/down with bin): 10 (35.7%)
> Other: 3 (10.7%)
> ...
> I think it's pretty clear that folks like the left/right arrows the most.

For something as fuzzy as UX, 35% vs. 50% is not a clear result and 
should mean that we don't have the right solution yet.

For UX, 90+% need to immediately like it. Preferably with a voting body 
who did *not* think about the question, but - like our users - is 
presented with it the first time.

We're open-source, we should be able to find a random set of people and 
ask them. We could each as our parents and non-tech friends :).

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