Upcoming Thunderbird releases

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Tue May 10 07:32:33 UTC 2016

We are building Thunderbird 45.1.0 now which should release in a couple
of days.

Because there are still a few fixes we would like to get into the 45.*
release, we've probably going to do an extra release 45.1.1 in about
three weeks that will incorporate a few additional fixes. Prior to that,
we would like to do another 45.* "release candidate" beta on the beta
channel. AND we would still like to put out a 47.0 beta.

So putting all of this together, here's roughly what we are looking at
between now and the next code uplift:

This week: Build and ship 45.1.0 on the release channel.

Week of 2016-05-16: Build another 45 release on the beta channel if
possible. As before, this would merge c-esr45 patches into a release
branch on c-beta, but use m-esr45 THUNDERBIRD_45_VERBRANCH  Version:
45.1.1b1? I'll land patches for this probably on Monday 2016-05-16, so
if there are patches that you want landed in this release candidate, and
therefore in the 45.1.1 release, please have them ready for uplift by
that date.

Week of 2016-05-23: Build and ship 45.1.1 on the release channel.
Although we could take patches that do not make the release candidate,
the bar will be very high.

Week of 2016-05-30: Build and ship 47.0b1 on the beta channel. Once we
do this, we can no longer use the beta  channel for 45.* release candidates.

After 45.1.1, we will become increasingly more cautious in taking
patches for the 45.* release series, though generally our rules are less
stringent than the Firefox ers45 rules.

Kent James.

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