Open-sourcing Thunderbird & GitHub

Nomis101 🐝 Nomis101 at
Tue May 10 06:39:14 UTC 2016

Am 10.05.16 um 03:55 schrieb Joshua Cranmer 🐧:
> On 5/9/2016 12:45 PM, Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
>> Am 09.05.16 um 14:22 schrieb Sebastian:
>>> But its not easy to download it:
>>> This is an obstacle in my eyes. Usually you can do a `git clone ..`
>> What do mean "not easy to download"? What is difficult in "$ hg clone
>> xy" instead of "$ git clone xy"?
> The need to download two repositories, I'm guessing.

Depends if you are using cypress or not or if you have included this
step in your mozconfig. But yes, normally you have to, which is one
single additional step. I only wanted to point out, that in my eyes it
is not difficult to get the TB source code and build it, compared to
other open source projects. And I have build a lot of them in my life.

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