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Patrick Cloke patrick at
Mon May 9 13:24:31 UTC 2016

On 5/9/16 2:12 AM, Hammy Havoc wrote:
> Hey all,
> Long-term Thunderbird user checking in, I’ve also recently come back
> to using Firefox. Absolutely love both applications, the integration
> of extensions on Android is also ingenious. What’s not to love between
> desktop and mobile?
I'm not sure what this integration is. As far as I know, there's no
integration between Thunderbird and Android.
> Managing Thunderbird via a mailing list is really quite dated in this
> day and age too, it’s not the best way to manage a project of this
> scale, and it’s also not public. I’ve been advised by @mozthunderbird
> on Twitter
> <> to
> raise this with the mailing list.
I'm not really sure what you're referring to here. The Thunderbird
community has a variety of ways to communicate: a mailing list, bug
tracker and IRC. This is pretty standard in the open-source world. The
planning of Thunderbird is completely open and public, so I think
there's some misunderstanding here.
> I propose that Thunderbird should be open-sourced to accelerate
> development, and that it should be on GitHub, as it’s very much the
> de-facto standard for these projects. Large corporations such as
> Microsoft and Facebook open-source software on there, and it’s worked
> well for Mozilla too on GitHub so far.
To repeat. Thunderbird *IS* open-sourced (and has always been). I would
not say GitHub is a "de-facto" standard, but it is pretty commonly used.
It has a lot of drawbacks, however, especially for large complex
projects, like Thunderbird. It might be reasonable to reconsider this as
we move further off Mozilla's infrastructure, this would also cause a
shift in VCS, however, which is likely to be contentious.

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