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Dear Hammy,

a quick clarification question on running Thunderbird in /"tablet" mode/ - are you 
referring to a desktop OS such as Windows or Mac OS on a laptop / hybrid device such 
as a Microsoft Surface Pro? AFAIK there is no mobile platform version of Thunderbird 
planned; what device do you use yours on?


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> *Subject:*Open-sourcing Thunderbird & GitHub
> *From:*Hammy Havoc
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> Hey all,
> Long-term Thunderbird user checking in, I’ve also recently come back to using 
> Firefox. Absolutely love both applications, the integration of extensions on Android 
> is also ingenious. What’s not to love between desktop and mobile?
> One of the things that does bother me is that Thunderbird is looking a little dated 
> visually compared to the likes of Nylas N1, and it’s also lacking touch support with 
> swipe gestures and finger-friendly targets. I would really like to contribute to 
> Thunderbird’s UX and bring touch support with a “tablet” mode, this would 
> undoubtedly bring a lot of users back to Thunderbird who have grown accustomed to a 
> UI that’s easy on the eyes and that works on their tablets.
> Managing Thunderbird via a mailing list is really quite dated in this day and age 
> too, it’s not the best way to manage a project of this scale, and it’s also not 
> public. I’ve been advised by @mozthunderbird on Twitter 
> <> to raise this with 
> the mailing list.
> I propose that Thunderbird should be open-sourced to accelerate development, and 
> that it should be on GitHub, as it’s very much the de-facto standard for these 
> projects. Large corporations such as Microsoft and Facebook open-source software on 
> there, and it’s worked well for Mozilla too on GitHub so far.
> All the best,
> Hamual
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