Introducing myself

Jim Jagielski jimjag at
Thu May 5 20:42:04 UTC 2016

Hello there!

I am Jim Jagielski and I have some history w/ the ASF... many of you may know me.
Anyway, I am joining this list to follow along with the discussion... Personally, I am
somewhat surprised that the ASF has not been contacted and even more so
by some of the entities which *have* been contacted (and "fast tracked") in the
discussion about finding a new home for TB. But then again, on 2nd thought,
maybe I'm not all that surprised.

Anyway, I'm here, not so much to see (or suggest or even "push") for TB
to join the ASF, but hopefully to ensure that YB finds the best home for
itself, without personal biases getting in the way.
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