Changes to review policy

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed May 4 12:25:55 UTC 2016

Jim Porter wrote on 28.04.2016 07:33:
> Given the user outcry around the upgrade from the From/Recipients column
> to the Correspondents column (see
> <> for example)

While the Correspondents column isn't implemented in an ideal way, I 
think it's a major step forward for Thunderbird UX.

> 2) Before changing a default, we should be sure the new default is
>     fully-operational.


I think that's the core problem here. The column isn't well-done. For 
example, the icon showing what is incoming and what is outgoing is way 
too subtle and that makes the whole column confusing for me, even though 
I love the concept.

If users are dissatisfied with the new solution, that's usually because 
there's a problem with our solution, and the users just have an 
immediate reflex to say "I liked the old one better". If the new one is 
truly superior, most people will be happy with it.

> 3) Users should have an easy path to roll back to the previous UI/UX if
>     they don't like the new version.


But within reason, that means, if we keep the old UX anyway. Sometimes, 
we need to just replace/rewrite stuff.

> If possible, ask the user *before* upgrading them.

I disagree here. This will end up in endless questions.

I also think we should have the freedom to change defaults when a new 
feature is better than the old one.

Thunderbird does need a refresh. But we should make sure the new 
solution is strictly superior to the old one. if it is, only a small 
percentage of users will whine after the old one.

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