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Wed May 4 10:51:59 UTC 2016


>  Jim's proposal, and his recent replies, have my full support.
>  I would really like to see Thunderbird's community, particularly its
> development community, return to a culture of respect toward users - and
> especially those users who take the time to file bugs in bugzilla. They
> are the potential contributors of tomorrow. Thunderbird is in a period
> of transition and , if this project is to have a long-term future, part
> of that transition must involve an adjustment of attitudes. 

quickly presenting myself, I am a contributor to the Tails project [1]
and a Debian maintainer of privacy related packages [2].

With my Tails contributor hat on, I've provided severaly patches to
Bugzilla, such as

However, I must say that I am a bit surprised about the way these bug
reports are handled. As you can see, the proposed patches would solve
the issues and we'd be glad to improve them further. However there does
not seem to be a common strategy.

What's would you advise here? How do we really get these - as well as
user security - taken into account and patches merged?



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