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Jim squibblyflabbetydoo at
Mon May 2 18:00:42 UTC 2016

Since we only even bothered voting to break the tie in the bug, 14 v 11 is
clear enough for me, especially when you consider that we're looking at
other strategies to help distinguish incoming from outgoing messages.
Remember, this wasn't a poll of users so much as of people deeply involved
in Thunderbird (people on tb-planning or actively reading the bug). Again,
the only goal here was to figure out the direction of the arrows, not any
of the wider changes we've been discussing on the bug.

- Jim

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 9:08 AM, Gervase Markham <gerv at> wrote:

> On 30/04/16 20:09, Jim wrote:
> > I think it's pretty clear that folks like the left/right arrows the
> > most.
> You think 14 vs. 11 is "pretty clear", rather than "wow, about half our
> users prefer/expect each of the two options - we're gonna have a big
> problem whichever we pick, perhaps we should rethink"?
> Gerv
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