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Mon Mar 21 20:38:31 UTC 2016


Thanks for putting this all together, I think it's great overall!

A couple things I might add something about wanting to be able to adapt
more easily to future changes, e.g. new protocols like JMAP. Maybe this
is just included under "technical debt", however.

Additionally, I have some concern that the second milestone is at the
end of contract date. I'd expect it to be delivered earlier, at least in
draft form, with some time for clarification, if necessary.



On 3/15/16 1:53 PM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> One of the ways Mozilla is trying to help Thunderbird is with the
> numerous upcoming technical challenges it faces. The way that help is
> being provided is by offering to hire an architect who can take the time
> to analyse all of the problems together, talk to the community, and then
> propose a way forward which is achievable (if one exists). As the
> Thunderbird community is made up of volunteers, no one person has the
> time and bandwidth to take this on. There would be no obligation to take
> the architect's advice, but we hope the report would be a useful and
> helpful contribution.
> To this end, we have written a Schedule of Work (SOW) for a contract
> position to do this. You can find it here:
> The document is not complete in that it needs additional framing at the
> beginning to lay out the origins of the technical relationship between
> Firefox and Thunderbird and why it needs to change. But the other three
> sections ("Problem", "Experience Required" and "Deliverables and
> Milestones") are ready for review.
> Please can members of the Thunderbird community have a look at this
> document, and give their comments on this list as to what could be
> changed or improved?
> Thanks,
> Gerv
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