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> On 3/17/2016 10:26 AM, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at> wrote:
> > I'd say:
> > * historic growth of features like server-side search, quick-filter and
> > client-side search based on gloda; and message views based on folders
> > and messages (old style) vs. conversations (gmail style).
> I (think) I concur...
> The main problem with GLODA as I see it is it is only useful for local
> storage.
> I use IMAP only, and because I have huge stores of mail, I have GLODA
> and all local caching/offline storage completely disabled except for a
> few select folders (this is why I hated GLODA with a passion when it was
> first released).
> So, for me, GLODA is useless.
> What I would love to see is GLODA extended to make use of server side
> indexes for IMAP accounts (for servers that provide such - are dovecot
> and cyrus the only ones?) to be able to have fast *client* side full
> text searching on remote IMAP mail, without having to maintain full
> local copies of all of the mail. When you have 15+ IMAP accounts, each
> with 1-5GB of mail, and a few with 15-50GB of mail, maintaining local
> copies is pretty much a noop.#
That would be okay if I could run a local version of the server in my LAN; but would 
it be a huge technological ask?

I think I am on the edge of usability running GLODA on everything (my local backups 
are around 50 Gbytes) but majority of this is POP3 for speed (bad / limited network 
connection) and independence (Some of my mailboxes went offline when the ISP went out 
of business, others are waiting to). Start up of Tb is somewhat sluggish, but once 
running I am happy with performance. I would believe running a local server could 
improve that performance somewhat.

But the discussion is a little academic without a strong sponsor or volunteer to back 
up such a project? So is this complex + costly? An external db engine would certainly 
be nice for running some "off-line" data processing outside of Tb.

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