Can we do without indexes to comm-1.9.1 and comm-1.9.2? Bug 1281443

ISHIKAWA,chiaki ishikawa at
Thu Jun 23 03:34:57 UTC 2016


I noticed mxr is no longer available due to "maintenance" according to 
the web page when I access it.

R Kent James wrote:
> In bug 1281443, the demise of mxr is being managed, and existing mxr
> repos added to dxr. Two of those are:

So mxr is retired and dxr is the preferred site now, isn't it?

> comm-1.9.1 comm-1.9.2
> I have not had any reason to look at those for many years (while the
> main old cvs mozilla branch I do occasionally check). Can we tell them
> to not bother with those?

This is an off-the-topic question. There used to be a server called bonsai.
How can we check the pre-mercurial CVS history today without BONSAI?

Often times, I end up with no history because the changes presumably 
done to the code which I was looking at had been recorded in CVS and
mxr used to show only hg@ 1.1 or something like that.

> Kent James

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