Can we do without indexes to comm-1.9.1 and comm-1.9.2? Bug 1281443

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Thu Jun 23 06:02:49 UTC 2016

but some bugs will have linkx to mxr that will be redirected to dxr so
if you don't want to break bugzilla it's needed.

Also people working on postbox might need one of these. If you are happy
about having dead links in bugzilla, then yes maybe it's not worth
having these.


On 22/06/2016 22:22, R Kent James wrote:
> In bug 1281443, the demise of mxr is being managed, and existing mxr
> repos added to dxr. Two of those are:
> comm-1.9.1 comm-1.9.2
> I have not had any reason to look at those for many years (while the
> main old cvs mozilla branch I do occasionally check). Can we tell them
> to not bother with those?
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