Documentation fix patches

R Kent James kent at
Fri Jun 10 21:12:33 UTC 2016

As I discuss various issues in bugs, I continually notice the lack of
documentation in so much of our internal code (Mozilla culture in
general does not support good code documentation per my standards, but
that is another issue. New code is routinely landed with no description
of the purpose of files or modules, for example).

Might I propose a new review rule, applying at least for anything under
c-c/mailnews and perhaps under other directories? That would be to allow
anyone who is a module owner or peer under c-c to provide a
documentation-only patch without review, landed with DONTBUILD? That way
we could reduce the friction in improving documentation. I actually
think there is a similar rule in existence in m-c  Does anyone know that
rule and what is entered for r= or a= to allow it?


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