add SSL functionnality to ldap query in autoconf

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As Kent James already told you, you can make a patch, patches are always
welcome. Because it seems you are new to Bugzilla, let me give you some
1. You need an account at and you need a
copy of the newest version of comm-central (with Mercurial) from here
2. You do your modifications in the code and than generate a patch. See
details e.g. here
3. Than open a (properly named) bug for Thunderbird at and upload your patch
4. Select a reviewer (you can check for that older similar patches)
5. If your patch will get r+, set the checkin-needed flag, if the patch
will get r-, than change your patch according to reviewer comments

Am 03.06.16 um 16:13 schrieb abel elenas:
> Hi,
>  to make autoconf work at my office on a secure ldap i have come to do
> a small modification on a function contain in prefcalls.js.(basicly it
> adds two optional javacript arguments in the getLDAPAttributes
> function in the prefcalls.js file, one to handle the port you use with
> your ldap server , the other to set the fact you want to use SSL.)
> Is there any chance that my tiny contribution be fully integrated in
> thunderbird in the futur ?
> If this is the case what should i do for it ?
> is this the right channel to ask this kind of question ?
> best regards
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