Thunderbird and Taskcluster (was Re: My personal agenda for TB 52)

R Kent James kent at
Tue Jan 26 19:48:15 UTC 2016

On 1/26/2016 2:07 AM, Kristian Fiskerstrand wrote:
> As a long term user (but first time poster to this list), in terms of
> where I'd want to see Thunderbird moving forward is as part of
> processes of code conversion and review of platform; should some
> things simply be removed in order to get back to the fundamentals of
> an email client instead of including instant messaging support (and an
> IRC client?). This would make security auditing easier, and despite
> some previous posts that seems to indicate different attitudes towards
> this, I would consider security to be a very high priority.
> As for WYSIWYG HTML editor or not and focus on this, my personal
> opinion is email should be text/plain to increase security and privacy
> for users and quotation should default to inline rather than
> top-posting by default.

Thunderbird needs to accommodate a wide variety of user expectations. 
You have a few specific perspectives, but I doubt if your perspective is 
typical of our users. Not that I really know unfortunately (anyone 
willing to work on better telemetry?)

The approach I have championed for this is to use shipped addons as 
reasonable compromise between the smaller and larger views of what 
should be in Thunderbird. Lighting shipped as an addon, rather than 
fully integrated, is an example of this. We really hope to take the same 
path with Enigmail next release. We would also be open to attempts to 
move certain lesser used Thunderbird features (such as bayes junkmail 
processing) to an addon, but it is usually more work than it is worth.

As for chat, had it been my call, I would have encouraged that as a 
shipped addon back in the day, to better give a choice to people like 
yourself who just want email, and the simpler the better (Mutt anyone?). 
But that ship has sailed. I will say though that the chat team has taken 
on a disproportionate amount of overall responsibility for the 
Thunderbird project in the last couple of years, for which we are very 
grateful. We need a critical mass of people to move forward, and adding 
the chat team in has been a big net benefit for the overall project.


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