Thunderbird and Taskcluster (was Re: My personal agenda for TB 52)

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at
Tue Jan 26 07:20:48 UTC 2016

On 1/25/16 7:52 PM, R Kent James wrote:
> Here's the status of infrastructure issues: Joshua is moving toward a
> combined m-c/c-c, but after that we need to start experimenting with
> our own build management and scripts. Mozilla releng is clearly moving
> toward Taskcluster, and would like us to move there too, so much so
> that if we move that direction we could probably get both staff and
> infrastructure support from them, and possibly even continue to run on
> their infrastructure for an extended period of time. But I am
> reluctant to recommend Taskcluster unless we are convinced that we
> could also run Taskcluster independently of Mozilla. Though
> Taskcluster is open source, making it a public resource that other
> organizations could run has not been a Mozilla priority. Someone needs
> to investigate Taskcluster and see if it possible now or in the
> reasonably foreseeable future to run that independently of Mozilla,
> should we need to do that in one of our possible futures. Otherwise,
> we need to resist converting to Taskcluster. 
Hi Kent,

I believe I never mentioned this explicitly, but I'm sure you had me in
mind regarding build system changes. I'm happy to help out with this, it
also seems Yongang is interested in making changes to the build system.

Running things in taskcluster is amazingly easy from what I've heard.
The same goes for triggering other builds after running jobs and all the
things we may need. Someone from releng needs to confirm, but I believe
one of the reasons we haven't moved to it yet is because taskcluster
builds effectively run one command for the build, and for Firefox this
is mach. Before we actually decide for Taskcluster, I believe we should
get an opinion from releng, and of course a little more investigation on
our side as you mentioned.

Regarding other options, we could use any of the public CI systems like
travis. Their new infrastructure is based on docker, and reading bug
1151508 and dependency it seems that Taskcluster also uses docker to
some extent.  Given we have quite the build time and infrastructure
requirement, we may not be able to use their free plans though. Of
course there are also other CI systems around, and before we switch to
any one of them we should ensure it is a viable and future proof option.
Nothing against experiments though :-)


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