My personal agenda for TB 52

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Tue Jan 19 22:56:20 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Now that the features for TB 45 are more or less complete, I'm thinking 
about work in 2016 and TB 52 due for Christmas.

For the next major release I'd like to tackle these three areas:

1) Better (multi-)language support:
   Save spell checking language with draft
   Communicate content language of e-mail (Content-Language header,
   (can be used to set dictionary when replying/forwarding)
   Store preferred spell check language in address book
   Make language display consistent in a) option b) spell checker c) 
context menu d) spelling button.

2) Some fixes in the compose world:
While implementing the <p> option in the editor, I found
Inline-forwarded message are post-processed in the 
NotifyComposeBodyReady listener in cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js (!!). 
Joshua told me that he is working on replacing (quote) "nsMsgSend, 
nsMsgCompUtils, nsMsgSendPart, nsURLFetcher, nsMsgA*". nsMsgCompose* is 
not in his list, so I should be able to straighten this out without 
getting in his way.

We should consolidate the effort in this field also in view of 
Thunderbird transitioning to another platform in the long term. Of 
course the compose world has already been tackled before, for example by 
Jonathan Protzenko, see:

3) Mail composition editor:
I'd really like to be able to see the HTML of a composition and to tweak 
it. For this I raised one of my first bugs, bug 275968, back in 2004. 
This got duped onto bug 229117 from 2003 and nothing has ever happened 
since. The funny thing is that SeaMonkey already has a HTML editor, but 
that's not used for e-mail composition. In the add-on world there isn't 
much to fulfil this need. The "Stationary" add-on does a semi-decent job 
of showing the HTML, but it has its problems. I might just write an 
add-on much like the HTML view in "Stationary". This would be a quick 
solution, which would be made obsolete in the medium to long term.

Thoughts welcome.

Jorg K.

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