Thunderbird Project TB/Addressbook/Ensemble -- Volunteer

James Quilty James.Quilty at
Sat Feb 27 21:13:16 UTC 2016

On 28/02/16 3:49 am, Tanstaafl wrote:
> I don't have the skills, but just to clarify...
> When you say 'client', do you actually mean 'mentor' - ie, someone to
> help navigate/manage the process?

 When I write "client" I actually mean client: the person external to
the organisation who wants something done that the organisation has
agreed to do and the project team is charged with implementing. The
client defines what the project is supposed to produce, provides impetus
to the project team during the project and receives the product at the
end of the project.

 The client role for this project is not high-workload, but is a role
which requires you to "want something done" by the project team. I can't
act in the client role for the 12 very diverse projects which will run
this year.

 That's why I'm asking for someone to be the client for this project.
It's not high workload, but it is really important. Volunteers welcome.


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