Thunderbird Project TB/Addressbook/Ensemble -- Volunteer

James Quilty James.Quilty at
Sat Feb 27 21:17:37 UTC 2016

On 28/02/16 3:29 am, Dominique C. wrote:
> My name is Dominique and I am another normal user. I've been looking toward a new address book for TB for years. I am not a programmer by any standard but I'm participating in several translation projects for various open source projects. So if you need more hands for this project, I'll be willing to help.

 Thanks for the offer, it's much appreciated! I'll definitely work into
the project definition the possibility of our team collaborating on
translations if the work is particularly successful. If it happens, I
imagine this would likely occur in the second trimester of the course
pair. It's definitely something which should be built into the project
plan from the beginning.


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