Thunderbird Project TB/Addressbook/Ensemble -- Volunteer

James Quilty James.Quilty at
Sat Feb 27 11:19:20 UTC 2016

On 27/02/16 3:39 am, neandr wrote:
> Basically I'm a "normal" user with some experience with FX/TB add-on
> development. So if this is sufficient for the profile of a volunteer,
> I'm ready to assist.

 Absolutely sufficient, Guenter, I'm delighted to have you on-board!

 Because this project will be quite challenging for our students, I'd
like to have one other person to act as client, someone familiar with
the Address Book. Any other volunteers?

 I'd like to clarify what is meant by the "Ensemble project": may I
assume that Mike Conley's blog
<> and GitHub repository
represent the current staus on this, or are there other materials such
as bug reports?

 I'd like to ask for something on the project I can present to the
students next week, mid-Wednesday 2 March NZ time (Tuesday US time).
Nothing too big, a 1-page high-level spec/description which could
include a mock-up picture, I'll be happy to provide an exemplar
off-list. I need enough material for me to put into a wiki page and to
use on a Powerpoint slide (or two). It will be a week before the teams
are formed, probably 10 March at the earliest.


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