Thunderbird and Pretty Easy Privacy - current status

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Fri Feb 26 14:55:40 UTC 2016

On 26.02.16 09:08, Magnus Melin wrote:
> On that subject - I do think for Enigmail to ship as a default plugin in
> Thunderbird we need to land the code in comm-central and also start
> using bugzilla as issue tracker for it. If not, you really don't get the
> needed fusion and trust between the communities that is needed to
> confidently ship it. We'd have a very odd situation that it ships (as
> default) and someone finds a problem, you'd have to say "hey, not our
> problem, go file a bug with those guys" - which is clearly unacceptable.
> We'd also not be able to for instance track release blockers in bugzilla
> and so on...

Kent and I are aware of this. It is one of the topics we will certainly
have to address. There is no obstacle on my side for such a shift.


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