Thunderbird Project TB/Addressbook/Ensemble -- Volunteer

neandr neandr at
Fri Feb 26 14:39:51 UTC 2016

Hi James,
working with Thunderbird since more than 20 years and always have had a 
hard time with the different "features" of the Addressbook, I'm more 
than pleased to see a change for a real big improvement -- a complete 

Basically I'm a "normal" user with some experience with FX/TB add-on 
development. So if this is sufficient for the profile of a volunteer, 
I'm ready to assist.

Reminderfox Team

On 26.02.2016 12:21, James Quilty wrote:
>  On reflection, I think the best project to pick up for this year is 
> the Ensemble project to enhance the Address Book. I'd like to ask for 
> volunteers who would be willing to act as client for this project?

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