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On Feb 25, 2016, at 11:16 PM, Klaus Hartnegg <hartnegg at> wrote:
> I am not (yet) a PEP expert, but from their talks I conclude that for PEP it is irrelevant whether Enigmail is also integrated into Thunderbird. These two plugins are independend of each other. They only both share the requirement that Enigmail must be installed. If it is not, then the PEP installer installs it.
> However the teams for both plugins should talk to each other, to prevent interference. They should agree on using the same version of Enigmail, or make sure that they use separate copies of it. And they should make sure that the uninstaller of one does not erase the Enigmail copy which is still used by the other.

There are no 2 plug-ins nor will there ever be, therefore no danger of interference. The p≡p and Enigmail teams are working closely together to provide one better product for the TB and crypto community - we strongly believe only by working together we will make a difference and hence we at p≡p are delighted to provide our engine to the next version of Enigmail, named Enigmail/pEp.

I hope my answer brings more clarity.
Berna Alp, p≡p project
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