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Thu Feb 25 19:02:54 UTC 2016

On 2/25/2016 9:09 AM, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> On 25.02.16 14:27, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> R Kent James wrote on 24.02.2016 19:32:
>>> 3) An alpha version of a PEP/Enigmail addon is available
>> Please note that the later we get involved, the less influence we can
>> have on the result.
>> If your concern is that PEP drops something on us that we can't accept,
>> then we better get involved earlier rather than later. As you know, cost
>> of change increases 10-fold each step of the way.
> PEP is a product by an independent organization - the Thunderbird
> community by will only have limited influence on the product.

PeP was trying to ask us to integrate PeP into the product by default.
> Therefore, the influence you are talking about will mostly target
> Enigmail, not PEP. If Enigmail should become a part of Thunderbird, then
> I expect this is something we will certainly need to clarify - I'm open
> for such discussions.

I actually do think Enigmail, or at least the PGP encryption/decryption 
mechanical parts, should be integrated (and tested) into Thunderbird, 
even independently of whatever happens with PEP. I was more or less 
holding off on discussing this until my nsMsgSend rewrite progressed to 
a stage where I could figure out what the successor to 
nsIMsgComposeSecure should look like, since the current interface is not 
that answer.

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