Do only 28 people care about the future of Thunderbird? Please vote!

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Thu Feb 25 18:37:04 UTC 2016

For what it's worth, I intentionally chose not to vote because I have no
real opinion one way or the other. It seems to me that my goals for
Thunderbird differ pretty strongly from the Council (I don't really believe
in making Thunderbird an enterprise mail client, whereas the Council seems
much more open to the idea), but I don't feel that's enough to vote "No". I
suppose I could send in a vote that explicitly says "No opinion", but I'm
not sure that actually contributes in any real way.

- Jim

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 11:47 AM, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:

> As of yesterday, according to Gerv only 28 people had cast a vote in the
> ongoing process to confirm a reorganized Thunderbird Council. That is a
> turnout of less than 15% of the people eligible to vote, and that is too
> few.
> I strongly encourage you to participate in this voting process. I've
> copied Gerv's instructions below. You have less than two days to do this!
> :rkent
> On 2/16/2016 4:24 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> The following message gives the arrangements for the approval vote for
>> the new Thunderbird Council.
>> Do NOT send votes to tb-planning.
>> Timing
>> ------
>> Voting opens at 00:00:01 UTC on Saturday 20th February. The deadline
>> for sending votes is 23:59:59 UTC on Friday 26rd February, one week later.
>> This may be delayed in the unlikely event that Mozilla IT don't set up
>> the voting email address in time.
>> Motion
>> ------
>> Voters will be approving or rejecting the following motion:
>> "The Thunderbird community endorses the following list of candidates to
>> form a Thunderbird Council and lead the project until either a) one year
>> has elapsed from the date this motion passes, or b) an organizational
>> home is chosen and a new governance model is put in place. A condition
>> of approval is that, in the case of b), the new Council commits to
>> working in good faith with the new organizational home to implement
>> governance arrangements which are acceptable to that organization, in a
>> timely fashion. Or, if the organization has no governance requirements,
>> the Council commits to consult on and implement a governance reform
>> process.
>> If vacancies arise on the Council during its period of office, the
>> Council may leave them unfilled, or fill them using a mechanism of its
>> own choosing.
>> The list of candidates is:
>> Florian Quèze
>> Joshua Cranmer
>> Jörg Knobloch
>> Kent James
>> Magnus Melin
>> Matt Harris
>> Patrick Cloke
>> Philipp Kewisch
>> Wayne Mery"
>> Eligibility
>> -----------
>> Eligible voters are those who were subscribed to tb-planning as of 27th
>> January 2016, or who are unsubscribed now but have posted to the list in
>> 2015 or 2016.
>> Voting Process
>> --------------
>> Voting will be by secret ballot. To vote, please send an email to:
>> thunderbird-vote at
>> from the email address which is subscribed to tb-planning at
>> Votes must clearly indicate "Yes" or "No", in English. Unclear votes
>> will be disregarded. The last clear vote from any voter before the
>> deadline will be the one accepted.
>> Submission email addresses will be checked against the tb-planning
>> subscriber list for an _exact_ (case-insensitive) match. If you are
>> claiming eligibility based on previous interactions rather than current
>> subscription, you must include a link to a Google Group archived message
>> that you posted to the list (from the email address you are voting with)
>> on or after 1st January 2015.
>> The scrutineers will examine the message to attempt to determine the
>> sending date and time, but it is advised that you not vote close to the
>> deadline. The last-dated clear vote from any address will be counted.
>> Individual voters should not attempt to vote from more than one
>> subscribed address; anyone caught doing so will be publicly named.
>> Voters may choose, if they wish, to sign their votes using email signing
>> technology.
>> Counting and Reporting
>> ----------------------
>> The email address above sends copies of the voting emails to the
>> scrutineers, Gervase Markham and Ben Bucksch, who has kindly agreed to
>> serve in this capacity alongside me. Both scrutineers commit to keeping
>> the votes confidential.
>> Once the deadline passes, the scrutineers will independently count the
>> votes, and in case of a difference, reconcile the discrepancy until they
>> are as agreed as possible. They will then report the result to the
>> tb-planning mailing list, giving:
>> * Number of Yes votes
>> * Number of No votes
>> * Number of votes discounted due to being unclear
>> * Number of votes discounted due to voter ineligibility
>> * Number of votes discounted due to being late or early
>> * Number of votes discounted because the two scrutineers could not
>>    agree on a determination
>> The motion shall be considered passed if the number of Yes votes
>> strictly exceeds the number of No votes. If the number of votes in the
>> final category listed above is equal to or greater than the margin of
>> victory, the ballot shall be re-run.
>> Gerv
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