Do only 28 people care about the future of Thunderbird? Please vote!

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Thu Feb 25 18:11:37 UTC 2016

I voted, but never got any notification of the receipt of my vote.

Should I have? If not, why wasn't this done? It is easy to send an
auto-response saying 'Thanks for your vote!'...

On 2/25/2016 12:47 PM, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:
> As of yesterday, according to Gerv only 28 people had cast a vote in the 
> ongoing process to confirm a reorganized Thunderbird Council. That is a 
> turnout of less than 15% of the people eligible to vote, and that is too 
> few.
> I strongly encourage you to participate in this voting process. I've 
> copied Gerv's instructions below. You have less than two days to do this!
> :rkent
> On 2/16/2016 4:24 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> The following message gives the arrangements for the approval vote for
>> the new Thunderbird Council.
>> Do NOT send votes to tb-planning.
>> Timing
>> ------
>> Voting opens at 00:00:01 UTC on Saturday 20th February. The deadline
>> for sending votes is 23:59:59 UTC on Friday 26rd February, one week later.
>> This may be delayed in the unlikely event that Mozilla IT don't set up
>> the voting email address in time.
>> Motion
>> ------
>> Voters will be approving or rejecting the following motion:
>> "The Thunderbird community endorses the following list of candidates to
>> form a Thunderbird Council and lead the project until either a) one year
>> has elapsed from the date this motion passes, or b) an organizational
>> home is chosen and a new governance model is put in place. A condition
>> of approval is that, in the case of b), the new Council commits to
>> working in good faith with the new organizational home to implement
>> governance arrangements which are acceptable to that organization, in a
>> timely fashion. Or, if the organization has no governance requirements,
>> the Council commits to consult on and implement a governance reform process.
>> If vacancies arise on the Council during its period of office, the
>> Council may leave them unfilled, or fill them using a mechanism of its
>> own choosing.
>> The list of candidates is:
>> Florian Quèze
>> Joshua Cranmer
>> Jörg Knobloch
>> Kent James
>> Magnus Melin
>> Matt Harris
>> Patrick Cloke
>> Philipp Kewisch
>> Wayne Mery"
>> Eligibility
>> -----------
>> Eligible voters are those who were subscribed to tb-planning as of 27th
>> January 2016, or who are unsubscribed now but have posted to the list in
>> 2015 or 2016.
>> Voting Process
>> --------------
>> Voting will be by secret ballot. To vote, please send an email to:
>> thunderbird-vote at
>> from the email address which is subscribed to tb-planning at
>> Votes must clearly indicate "Yes" or "No", in English. Unclear votes
>> will be disregarded. The last clear vote from any voter before the
>> deadline will be the one accepted.
>> Submission email addresses will be checked against the tb-planning
>> subscriber list for an _exact_ (case-insensitive) match. If you are
>> claiming eligibility based on previous interactions rather than current
>> subscription, you must include a link to a Google Group archived message
>> that you posted to the list (from the email address you are voting with)
>> on or after 1st January 2015.
>> The scrutineers will examine the message to attempt to determine the
>> sending date and time, but it is advised that you not vote close to the
>> deadline. The last-dated clear vote from any address will be counted.
>> Individual voters should not attempt to vote from more than one
>> subscribed address; anyone caught doing so will be publicly named.
>> Voters may choose, if they wish, to sign their votes using email signing
>> technology.
>> Counting and Reporting
>> ----------------------
>> The email address above sends copies of the voting emails to the
>> scrutineers, Gervase Markham and Ben Bucksch, who has kindly agreed to
>> serve in this capacity alongside me. Both scrutineers commit to keeping
>> the votes confidential.
>> Once the deadline passes, the scrutineers will independently count the
>> votes, and in case of a difference, reconcile the discrepancy until they
>> are as agreed as possible. They will then report the result to the
>> tb-planning mailing list, giving:
>> * Number of Yes votes
>> * Number of No votes
>> * Number of votes discounted due to being unclear
>> * Number of votes discounted due to voter ineligibility
>> * Number of votes discounted due to being late or early
>> * Number of votes discounted because the two scrutineers could not
>>    agree on a determination
>> The motion shall be considered passed if the number of Yes votes
>> strictly exceeds the number of No votes. If the number of votes in the
>> final category listed above is equal to or greater than the margin of
>> victory, the ballot shall be re-run.
>> Gerv

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