Thunderbird and Pretty Easy Privacy - current status

R Kent James kent at
Wed Feb 24 18:32:53 UTC 2016

As many of you know, the Thunderbird Council has been talking to the
Pretty Easy Privacy project (PEP) about how the two groups might be able
to work together to best serve users.

The Council, on behalf of the Thunderbird project, wishes to thank PEP
for their interest and their kind offers of help, which have been many
and generous. We continue to hope that Thunderbird and PEP will have a
fruitful collaboration in the fullness of time. However, the two groups
have together agreed that it will be much easier to assess how best to
work together after some key milestones have been reached. Those
milestones are:

1) A new Thunderbird Council has been chosen
2) A fiscal home for Thunderbird has been chosen
3) An alpha version of a PEP/Enigmail addon is available

The choice of a fiscal home will have a large effect on what sorts of
additional help the Thunderbird project might need in the future. And
the availability of a working version of PEP's technology which can be
tested in Thunderbird will make it much easier for members of the
Thunderbird community to evaluate it and consider integration options.

So the Council, on behalf of its future self, looks forward to
re-opening discussions with PEP at the appropriate time.

Kent James
(on behalf of the Thunderbird Council)

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